BoostaBoiler by Magnatech ™

BoostaBoiler Gas Boiler Energy Saving Device, Easy Installation, No Maintenance, No Power Source Needed

Boostaboiler is an easy to install fuel saving system, offering a proven reduction in oil or gas consumption, helping to preserve fuel supplies and provide CONSIDERABLE SAVINGS to all home energy consumers.

It straddles money saving, energy saving and the increasingly important eco-friendly platforms. Magnatech will not provide savings to any car, van or anything with a combustion engine - and as far we know (and we know a fair bit) no other magnetic product would work either.

Prices were already set to rise for the 15 million households in Great Britain that are on their supplier’s default tariff because of a major hike in the energy price cap.

From 1 January 2024 the price for energy a typical household who use gas and electricity and pay by Direct Debit went up by £94. This will take the energy price cap from £1,834 to £1,928 per year.

Save Energy Booster Boiler


Energy Saving

The Magnatech Energy Saving System is suitable for oil, gas and LPG powered boilers and water heaters, it's easy to install, requires no downtime and is proven to save up to 15% on your bills, every year for life!


Magnatech™ started developing energy saving products and refining Magnatech™ Technology 14 years ago, using "probably" the world's most powerful, double nickel coated Neodymium magnets to "condition" fuel.


Polarization of the hydrocarbon molecules creates a more combustible material resulting in a brighter and hotter flame. The increase is to approximately 120ºC.

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